A Collection Of Klaine

Feb 11

A Collection of Klaine; Thong

Rating: M! 
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Warnings: SMUT.
Summary: Kurt’s always wanted to try something different…

Shopping with Rachel had its benefits. How else would he be able to buy a thong without looking suspicious?

Granted, he had to steal it out of her bag…

It was a good thing Blaine and Rachel were the same size.

Sort of.

Blaine was open to that sort of thing, and Kurt was sure Blaine wouldn’t mind actually shopping for a thong, but after the condom incident…

Let’s just say, he wasn’t going there again.

That’s how he found himself with a lingerie bag in his hands, contemplating exactly how he was going to get the lacy pink thong onto Blaine. It wasn’t like they hadn’t discussed cross-dressing before, but a pink thong might be crossing the line…

Kurt bit his lip, hiding his smirk.

He discussed cross-dressing before, but a pink thong might be crossing the line…

Kurt bit his lip, hiding his smirk.

He hoped not, at any rate.

Eyeing the bag speculatively, Kurt pulled the thong out, gently stroking the lace, and silk. He had to admit, Rachel had good taste. Sometimes.


Kurt froze, a small smirk crawling across his lips.

"Yes?" he asked innocently, trailing his fingers over the delicate silk.

"W-What’s that?"

Kurt’s smirk grew.

"Just something I picked up from the store." Kurt breathed. "For you."

Blaine’s breathing audibly hitched and he practically gulped.

"For me?"

Kurt nodded, holding his gaze steadily as Blaine inched towards him.


"I want you to go in the bathroom." Kurt explained patiently. "I want you to put it on, and then you’ll come out…" Kurt stood up, his lips ghosting over Blaine’s. "And then you can be the girl for once."

Blaine swallowed hard again.

"I’m bottoming?"

Kurt nodded with a sly smile, hooking his fingers through Blaine’s belt-loops, pulling his hips closer and grinding his half-hard erection against Blaine’s crotch.

"You okay babe?" Kurt whispered when all Blaine did was moan.

"Yeah." Blaine whispered, shifting his hips slightly against Kurt.

"No, no, no!" Kurt growled, pulling away. "Panties first."

Blaine whimpered. “Please…”

"Nuh-uh-uh…" Kurt tutted, kissing him gently before pressing the thong into his palms. "Panties first."

Blaine gave a half-sigh, half-whimper before he made his way into the bathroom, thong dangling from his finger.

By the time Blaine came back out, Kurt was naked, reclining against the pillows on their bed.

Blaine shifted nervously, readjusting the waistband of the thong. Kurt smirked, twirling his finger.

"Show me." He commanded, his smirk growing as Blaine blushed, turning in a small circle.

Kurt hummed in appreciation, stroking himself gently. Hungry eyes devoured ever inch of exposed flesh, making Blaine blush again.

"Oh…hello." Kurt whispered, his hand moving around his cock gingerly, just barely gripping it. "They are a bit tight, aren’t they?” he asked, kneeling and shuffling to the end of the bed.

Blaine blushed violently and fought the urge to cover himself.

"Y-yes…it’s…uncomfortable." he said shyly, not taking his eyes from Kurt.

"Mm…I bet they are…" he whispered huskily, his erection twitching in anticipation. "Though I’m not sure if I’d like them better on the floor or not…"

His eyes wandered south, spying Blaine’s handiwork and how he managed to tuck himself into it. Playing with the lace, he closed his eyes and pulled Blaine toward him. With dark, lust-blown eyes, Kurt looked up at Blaine from under his lashes. His eyes trailed down Blaine’s chest until he got to the waistband of the thong. He smirked, mouthing the head of Blaine’s cock where it poked out the top – completely hard.

Blaine’s knees buckled and he whimpered. Kurt’s fingers slipped under the waistband, pulling both sides away from Blaine’s hips before snapping them back, making Blaine hiss in pain, but gasp when his mouth sucked over the head again.

Blaine whined, his fingers threading through Kurt’s hair.


"Why what?"

"Why a thong…?" Blaine whispered.

Kurt chuckled. “I’ve always been a fan of lace.”

"Then why on me?" Blaine breathed as Kurt climbed up his chest to plant a firm kiss on his lips.

"You’re pretty in lace."

Kurt was mumbled now, absently stroking Blaine’s chest and Blaine wasn’t sure there even was a reason. But then Kurt’s hands were trailing down the back of the thong and he realised he didn’t need a reason.

Not really.

Sucking on Blaine’s lower lip, Kurt grabbed the back of the thong and pulled it away from Blaine’s skin, unable to see and just feeling his way until he found what he was looking for.

Blaine let out a little gasp as Kurt’s finger circled his hole, and finally Kurt pulled back.

"Kurt…" he whined as Kurt stepped away.

"Do you want me to hurt you?" Kurt questioned, picking up a small bottle of lube from the bed.

Blaine sighed. “No…” he sat down on the bed, wiggling uncomfortably. “But I’m already hurting.”

"Then stand up!" Kurt ordered, tipping the bottle and letting the lube dribble onto his fingers.

Blaine reluctantly obeyed, pulling himself up and waiting, feeling confined and wondering if the pain was from the lack of circulation or the fact that he really needed to come.

Kurt was back to looking at him, rubbing the lube between his fingers teasingly. Blaine whined a little and Kurt stepped forward, capturing his lips again and trailing his non-lubey hand down Blaine’s back.

With the same hand, he pulled the bottom of the thong away again and grinned against Blaine’s lips.

"This was a good idea." Kurt whispered

"Kurt…please…" Blaine whispered back, trying to rut up against him.

Kurt’s eyes closed and he moaned softly as their cocks rubbed together.

Slowly and gently, he prodded Blaine’s entrance and the shorter boy moaned, his knees buckling. Kurt fought to hold him up, one hand grabbing his hip roughly.

"Only one finger?" Kurt teased and Blaine whimpered.

"Shut up." He whispered. "My dick is trapped."

Kurt snorted, pushing his finger in up to the first knuckle.

Blaine keened and his head dropped onto Kurt’s shoulder.

"Can I pull them down, at least?” Blaine asked, sucking at the skin of Kurt’s collarbone.

"No." Kurt worked his finger in and out, humming gently as Blaine moaned and whined, bucking his hips against Kurt’s cock.

"More?" Kurt questioned, pressing a kiss to his neck.

"All of it." Blaine whimpered. "Fuck me now. Please."

Kurt smirked, pushing a second finger in.

"I’m not removing the panties." He grinned and Blaine whined. "Pretend it’s our cock-ring."

Blaine paused his whining and frowned. “But it isn’t.”

"Pretend!" Kurt hissed and crooked his fingers just right.

"Ohmigod!" Blaine cried, and this time he lost all ability to hold himself up, falling and pushing Kurt onto the bed.

Kurt’s fingers slipped from Blaine arse and Blaine groaned as their cocks were sandwiched between their bodies.

"Cheater!" Kurt laughed delightedly, managing to crawl out from under him.

"I just want to come." Blaine muttered pitifully, his face buried in the blankets.

"You will."

Kurt dribbled the lube over his own cock and thoroughly coated himself with a few strokes. He took his time, watching with a small smirk as Blaine tried rutting into the mattress. It was no use though – that thong was really tight.

Finally, Kurt positioned himself and spread Blaine’s legs, to which he let out a relieved sigh.


"I can take longer if you want…?

"No!" Blaine growled. "Kurt Hummel, I swear that if I don’t feel your dick in my ass in the next ten seconds I will-Oh!"

Sick of his rambling, Kurt quickly pushed himself forward, pushing and ignoring Blaine’s mindless babbling until he was completely buried.

"Thank fuck…" Blaine hissed, fisting the sheets.

Kurt leant forward, pressing a kiss to the back of his neck, before drawing back slowly.

"Oh my god just hurry the fuck up."

Kurt snorted with laughter. “Hurry ‘the fuck’ up?”

"Shut up!" Blaine moaned, wincing and keening as Kurt slammed back into him.

Kurt grinned, drawing back again, to the point where he almost slipped out, before burying himself again with a wet slap. Blaine moaned and whined and made little happy noises with each movement, desperately moving his hips to take Kurt deeper.

"Move to your side." Kurt gasped, fully-sheathing himself.

Blaine whined when he stopped. “Kurt…Kurt why? I’m…” he panted. “I’m so close…”

"I’m going to relieve your dick, if you don’t mind."

Blaine’s mouth fell open and together they shifted to the side; Kurt’s hand snaking around his hips to slide the silk down, before wrapping his fingers around Blaine’s length.

Blaine cried out, his body convulsing as waves of pleasure coursed through his body, as Kurt had shifted and was now hitting his prostate dead on.

"Fuck! Kurt! Oh my god…"

Kurt grinned and pumped his hand in time with his thrusts and suddenly, without warning, except for a cry of ecstasy, Blaine was coming. Kurt whimpered and with a final thrust, he was coming too, making Blaine moan and writhe beside him.

"Ugh." Blaine groaned, his left leg twitching a little.

"You didn’t enjoy yourself?"

"S’not that." Blaine whispered, humming a little as Kurt shifted, still buried inside him, and wrapped his arms around Blaine’s waist. "I’m just so glad to have my dick out of that thing."

Kurt laughed. “You liked it though, right?”

Blaine nodded.

"Good." He yawned. "Maybe next time we can shop together for one that actually fits…"

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